We are your creative technology lab, exploring new forms of interaction to create engaging experiences.

We make interactive things for future screens

Samsung — Dance Battle

Interactive installation

IBM — Fractal Fest

Animated gif series

Hermes Paris — Choose Your Style

Interactive clothing selector

Selfie Tree

Crowdsourced experience

Muntpunt — Synapse

Interactive art installation

IBM — Man & Machine

Think poster series

Generative Design & Research

Audioreactive visuals

Qmusic — Supporting Visual Radio

Controlling cameras with face detection

VRT — Generative Branding

Projection mapping

Fly-In — Indoor Skydive Center

End-to-end media system

WY/The Mercedes House — Generative Design

Indoor art installation

De Standaard — 360° VR Experience

Cardboard VR prototyping

Research & Development

NAO Humanoid Robot

Mickey — It's My Man Official Music Video

Audio Reactive Visuals