We create interactive things for future screens.


World of Synesthesia

Award winning experience website about Synesthesia, a neurological phenomenon where stimulation of one sense triggers another.

Infiniti + Tool Of North America

Soul of the Machine

Interactive experience for the 2017 Infiniti pavilion at Pebble Beach Concours d'Elegance.

Microsoft + Tool Of North America


To introduce its "Mixer" streaming platform, Microsoft put on a fireworks show which viewers could control.

IBM + Ogilvy NY

Art with Watson: Hidden Portraits

Interactive installation for the IBM Art with Watson: Hidden Portraits Gallery Exhibit at the Cadillac House.

Intel + Tool Of North America

Intel CES

Custom software solution, interactive storytelling & production support for the Intel booth at CES Las Vegas.



Audio reactive branding for TEDxGhent 2017 Main Event forming itself real-time using photos of attendees.


Materialise ECR

Interactive storytelling experience & tablet application for Materialise at the ECR Conference in Vienna.

Infiniti + Tool Of North America

Driven By Emotion

Interactive data-visualization & personalized artwork for the 2016 Infiniti pavilion at Pebble Beach Concours d'Elegance.



FWA Award winning crowdsourced generative identity for TEDxGhent 2016 Main Event forming itself real-time using audio input of attendees.

OFFF By Night

OFFF By Night

Custom media solution & content production creating a unique atmosphere at the Night Market.



Interactive shower installation at the Axor/Duravit XDSessions held at Kortrijk Biennale Interieur.


Point Clouds with Google Street View

Creating real-time 3D cityscapes with Google Street View.

Stad Mechelen

Stadsfestival Op.Recht Mechelen

Children always speak the truth... Interactive art installation driven by (live) audio input and images.


Control hardware with cameras

Custom software solution to control multiple moving head cameras with face/skeleton detection.

De Standaard

DS360 VR

Experience news in Virtual Reality with this 360° Video App from De Standaard.


NAO Humanoid Robot

Ongoing experiments, demos & workshops with NAO, humanoid robot.

IBM + Ogilvy NY


Webby Award winning series of animated artwork for IBMblr's Fractal Fest campaign.

IBM + Ogilvy NY

IBM Think

Generative typography design for the 2015 IBM Think: Man with Machine poster series.



Bigger then life-size interactive art installation driven by movement of people passing by.


Dance Battle

Who has the most funky dance moves? Find out with this interactive dance battle held at Sensation Hasselt.

nøcomputer is your creative technology lab, exploring new forms of interaction to create engaging experiences.

We build interactive installations/experiences, use code to design (art, branded content & generative identities) and prototype new types of software. Sometimes people think we're good at it.

5 × FWA Awards, 2 × Lovie Award, 1 × Webby Award